Company Overview

Azine Technologies Inc. has been providing software engineering services, application development along with information technology consulting on a global scale to Fortune 500 companies since 2015. What makes our company stand out in front of other such technological consulting companies is that our vision of consulting is very different than the rest. We follow a set of procedures drafted depending on the expectations of the client. Firstly, analysis of the problems of the customer takes place in a thorough manner so that our team can come up with multiple ideas to solve that problem. Throughout this, the involvement of the customer is a must so that he can mentor and also partner in creating an innovation which will break the barriers of the box of thinking. After brainstorming on various ideas, both the parties create a solution based on the selective strategy. This strategy is selected after consultation with the client to make sure he agrees upon it.

The collaboration of our client with our team during strategic thinking makes our working method unconventional in comparison to our contemporaries in the field. Usually, companies tend to work in isolation without the involvement of their client so that the client is dependent on the source of the solution for a lifetime in case of any error. Despite our collaborative approach, our team is capable of working without the guidance of the client. Collaboration is completely on the request of the client.

Mission and Vision

Our company mainly stresses on two key factors which help in attaining success during engagement. These include qualities such as accountability and transparency between partners who are conducting the business. Our team mainly focuses on deliver a solution which complements the business objectives of the client in a precise manner. We assure to deliver high impact solutions that meet the challenges faced by our business partners. These challenges are resolved mainly through quality, motivation, and commitment which help in enhancing the project’s operations, planning, finances, service outcomes, and marketing. These goals are achieved through a systematic procedure that ultimately helps attain outstanding performance along with cost effective consulting solutions for the client. When companies select us as partners to cater to their technological needs, we provide superior information management services. The only way of accomplishing our vision is by not only fulfilling the expectations of our customers but also exceeding them as we consider them as our righteous partners. The highest levels of customer satisfaction are achieved by implementation of shared values in which we specifically emphasize on creating further value. The company confidently ensures its partners that the quality, profit, and growth goals are achieved.

Who we are

We at Azine Technologies Inc. are made up of highly skilled technical resources which are capable of providing solutions to clients selecting from a wide scope of industries from which we give a solution that can speed up the client’s work without compromising on the quality by using minimum resources possible. The specializations we stress upon include custom software development according to the needs of the client, its development, maintenance, migration, testing, and also re-engineering when necessary. Our consultants who have expertise in the same first understand and anticipate the business aspects of our client. To add to this, our team of efficient IT and consulting professionals have specific expertise in Product Development, Quality Assurance disciplines, Project Management methodologies, and Testing process.

Why choose us

We offer innovative solutions through fresh thinking, comprehensive capabilities, along with unparalleled experience. We make sure that we prove to be worthy and reliable partners for our clients so that they can depend on us for support, insight, and expertise. Be it short-term or long-term goals, we are flexible in all ways for our clients. We assure to provide skill-based IT resources with great dedication to make our client’s services highly effective.