Customer Verification via Social Media Profile

Verify your identity on social media profiles by accessing user data from over 20 social networks. If you don't have a bank account, you can get verified using your social account.

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No Worries About Unauthenticated Clients.

With IDMsocial, businesses can find assurance in the authenticity of their customers. It enables outreach to clientele in regions with limited or non-existent banking records by meticulously following users' online traces via their social media profiles, thereby bolstering the fight against fraudulent activities.

  • Comprehensive Data from 20+ Global Social Media Platforms
  • User Avatars, Biographies, Profiles, and Recent Engagement
  • Accurate User Geolocation Information

Confirming the Financially Underserved: Real-Time Validation of Identity Data Through Social Media Profiles

IDMSocial equips you with the necessary instruments to effectively evaluate and confirm the financial reliability of your unbanked clientele. Leveraging our extensive array of data resources, we deliver precise information crucial for seamlessly thwarting fraud and identity theft.

  • Enabling unbanked individuals to access data via more than 20 social networks
  • Ensuring precise and dependable customer identification
  • Streamlining KYC compliance verifications for simplified processes
  • Boosting customer loyalty and expanding the customer base
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