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Our KYC verification solutions draw upon a vast database of over 440 data sources, enabling businesses to swiftly, effortlessly, and securely confirm their customers' identities. This is accomplished without the necessity of manual intervention.

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Unlock the Power of Global Identity and KYC Verification Software with IDMkyc

IDMkyc empowers you to seamlessly tap into a vast network of over 400 official data sources spanning across 175+ countries, enabling swift and hassle-free personal KYC and identity verification services. IDMkyc stands as the ultimate solution for KYC Verification Software, safeguarding your business with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Streamlined Multi-Source Matching (Minimum of two official sources from the respective nation).
  • Every piece of personal information (PII) attains absolute congruence.
  • For KYC purposes, we provide a 2+2 match API that fully aligns with all relevant regulations, including those outlined by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

IDMkyc: Fulfilling Your Compliance Requirements

Unlock the potential for increased matches and gain entry to an expansive, worldwide dataset. Discover prospective business collaborators even in demanding geographic areas through our unparalleled database, comprising 440+ data sources across 175 nations, such as France, India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Africa. Additionally, our database provides comprehensive technical documentation to assist you in crafting your applications using our API.

Superior Data Sources

government data
Government data
credit files
Credit Files
passport registries
Passport registries
public records
Public records
motor vehicle data
Motor vehicle data
voter data
Voter data
tax registries
Tax Registries
mobile network subscriber data
Mobile Network Subscriber Data
census data
Census data

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