Agent-Supported Video Identity Verification

Real-time customer verification with the support of agents. IDMlive, a video identification software, offers a safe and user-friendly method for remotely verifying customer identities.

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Live Video Verification with Live Agents

IDMlive offers a live video verification solution designed to provide a secure and convenient way to verify the identity of remote clients. By implementing effective tools and procedures, you can efficiently and reliably ascertain the authenticity of individuals through video conferencing.

  • Reliable and Secure Customer Onboarding with Live Agent
  • Assistance Extensive Language Support
  • Adherence to Regulatory Requirements (KYC, GDPR, AML)

How IDMlive Operates:

IDMlive helps you secure and quickly enroll remote clients. Using a video-based verification solution, you can verify your customer's identification based on their digital ID. By ensuring compliance with KYC/AML regulations, IDMlive promotes confidence among online clients and reduces abandonment rates. Leveraging biometrics, liveness detection, and AI-driven technologies, IDMlive guarantees the authenticity of clients, automating the client onboarding process, mitigating risks, and thwarting fraud. The platform facilitates live video conferencing for client verification, ensuring quick and reliable identity authentication through face-to-face interactions. Our KYC video verification method employs live video conferencing to verify the identity of clients.

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