DPDP Compliance

Ensure DPDP compliance while verifying Indian customers.

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Following approval from both houses of Parliament and receiving the President's assent, the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill of 2022 has now transformed into the Digital Personal Data Protection Act of 2023. This Act is currently in force and regulates the processing of digital personal data in India, encompassing data that was originally acquired in digital or non-digital forms and subsequently digitised. The DPDP Act permits state agencies to be exempted from its provisions based on government discretion. The primary objective of this legislation is to enhance data protection and accountability, particularly for entities like internet companies, mobile apps, and businesses that handle the data of citizens.

It's also noteworthy that the DPDP Act will have implications for India's international trade negotiations.

It ranges with global data protection standards, getting inspired from models such as China's PIPL and EU’s GDPR. Azine Technologies is committed to complying with DPDP to the fullest extent possible, as evidenced by its focus on the following key areas:



In compliance with the DPDP act, the processing of personal data is permissible only when an individual has granted explicit, unambiguous, and well-informed consent. Once such consent is obtained, an individual's data can be retained and utilised for various purposes, including identity verification. Azine Technologies has been actively engaged in the process of re-evaluating and re-negotiating contracts with its Indian data suppliers in light of these regulatory alterations. Alongside these updated agreements, we are confident that we are receiving personal data that aligns with DPDP requirements and is consent-based.



In compliance with DPDP, the transfer of personal data beyond India in response to legal requirements from a non-Indian country is no longer considered permissible. The identity verification solution by Azine Technologies utilises a secure API to establish the identity of Person A by accessing data sources across various countries. To uphold the security and privacy of personal data in India member states and minimise cross-border data transfers, the verification results are returned to the originating location where the validation request originated.

legitimate interest

Legitimate Interest

Azine Technologies proactively ensures DPDP act compliance by validating the receipt of personal data with proper consent and securely retaining it within its country of origin. Furthermore, they provide a guarantee for the lawful processing of requests, which includes the preservation of KYC and AML compliance.


We ensure top-notch privacy and compliance standards for your business, so that you can focus on what matters most.