Immediately verify the identities of businesses. Evaluate the potential for fraud in an individual's profile.

Distinguish high-risk clients while onboarding dependable customers.

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Utilising ID Verification for Client Risk Assessment

In order to safeguard both yourself and your business, we offer a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the assessment and screening of clients according to their risk profiles. Our approach involves harnessing data from various sources to pinpoint customers who may be particularly susceptible to fraudulent activities. By doing so, we enable you to optimize your investments in new products or services while simultaneously mitigating potential financial losses.

  • Effectively Combating Fraud with Email, Phone, and IP Data Integration.
  • Our system not only detects and obstructs stolen or falsified identity information but also incorporates email maturity as a factor in determining a client's risk score.
  • Furthermore, we ensure data security through SSL protection and facilitate seamless API integration for a more efficient and secure process.

Utilizing REST APIs for Seamless Integration: Combating Fraud Effortlessly

Streamline the process of verifying trustworthy customers by seamlessly incorporating a risk-scoring system to expedite the integration of new clients into your program. Harness the power of machine learning to compute an individual's risk score, enabling real-time data monitoring, risk management, and fraud prevention. Uncover instances of account fraud and fraudulent sign-ups, pinpoint suspicious activities, and spot high-risk scoring clients. Safeguard against data breaches by thwarting fraudsters from opening accounts using stolen identities. Validate the legitimacy of onboarded clients by tapping into a diverse array of data sources.

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Evaluate an individual's risk level prior to conducting a KYC verification.

Ensure secure customer approvals by assessing the risk score of each individual. Continuously monitor data and proactively manage risk to prevent fraud and minimise financial losses in real time. Detect fraudulent account activities and identify fake sign-ups, pinpoint suspicious actions, and recognize customers with high-risk scores.

The risk score is calculated by combining a variety of factors, including:
  • Confirm whether the number provided is correct or not.
  • Which country is the phone number from?
  • Is the phone number a landline or mobile number?
  • At what time was the email first opened?
  • Is the domain registrar offering free registration?
  • Is the email address valid?
IP Address
  • Does a VPN hide my IP address?
  • What is geolocation?
  • Is it visible on a spam list, such as the DNSBL or RBL?
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Connect Spot Devices and Accounts seamlessly to enhance protection.

Ensure the safety and security of your customers by utilising our strong security solutions to safeguard their identities and shield them from cyber threats.

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Deter Fraudulent Activity in the Industry

Azine Technologies protects thousands of transactions from fraudulent and abusive cybercriminals every day.

device information

Examine Device Data

Diverse, reliable references are consulted, including Device Identifier, Plugin components, Screen Type, Installed Applications, Display Resolution, Browser Category, and Language Preferences in linked emails.

device data network

Device Data Network

Our system can check if any Internet-enabled device has a history of fraudulent behavior. Therefore, you can determine who is a real customer and who is not.

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