Our Partners

Azine Technologies forms strong partnerships with its associates to proactively mitigate risks, combat fraudulent activities, and ensure adherence to global regulatory standards. Engage with our all-in-one verification platform, tailored to fulfill your specific needs, fostering profitable and long-lasting collaborations. Our dedicated team is ever-ready to support you in your pursuit of growth and success.


Azine Technologies is a global platform for consumer and corporate verification that combines cutting-edge risk management and anti-fraud services. We help our clients predict, assess, and manage risks effectively. Our advanced analytics tools and data repository enable automated decision-making while adhering to the most stringent privacy and security regulations.

To ensure compliance with various regulations such as the Foreign Nationals Employment Act, Compulsory Identification Act, Counter-Terrorism Act, Anti-Money Laundering Act, and other relevant laws, we maintain close collaborations with top-tier specialty firms offering data warehousing and contact data validation solutions. Our products and services are accessible through our network of partner organisations.


We ensure top-notch privacy and compliance standards for your business, so that you can focus on what matters most.