Age Verification Solutions

Safeguard your business from underage customers and maintain adherence to regulations. Utilise our age verification software to identify potential fraudulent activity during the onboarding process, ensuring the protection of minors and thwarting any attempts to exploit fake identities.


Age Verification for Regulatory Compliance

Azine offers a comprehensive lineup of identity verification services, which encompass worldwide age verification solutions. These solutions establish connections with authoritative data repositories across the globe, enabling the confirmation of the age credentials of prospective clients. Leveraging an extensive array of data sets, their secure platform validates customer information by cross-referencing multiple data sources.


The Importance of Precise KYC Procedures

Businesses must recognize the gravity of fraud as a significant menace to the stability of the financial system. The Patriot Act Regulations stipulate that specific entities, including financial institutions and payment processors, must adhere to rigorous compliance standards in the fight against fraud. While not all organisations are subject to such stringent regulations, it remains essential for businesses to strike a harmonious equilibrium between their operational goals and their commitment to fulfilling anti-fraud requirements, all aimed at averting fraudulent activities.


Preventing Fraud in Gaming Solutions

With the increasing prevalence of identity theft and the vulnerability of children to such threats, it is now more crucial than ever to ensure the accurate verification of the ages of prospective customers. Companies bear a social responsibility to safeguard their clientele and deter the establishment of fraudulent accounts within their systems. Our age verification software assists businesses in verifying the age of individuals effectively.


Rapidly Authenticate Individuals for Age-Limited Transactions

For businesses engaged in the sale of products and services restricted by age, it is crucial to ascertain the age of their clientele. The process of confirming identity can take place when onboarding new customers or during the checkout phase. These solutions can swiftly identify both legitimate and unauthorised users in real-time while also verifying their age.


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