Age-Restricted Commerce

Our company provides identity verification solutions specifically designed for industries with age-related restrictions, assisting companies in adhering to age regulations and thwarting unauthorised access by minors to restricted goods or services.

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In order to steer clear of receiving court-issued subpoenas, tightly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, and video games must establish robust procedures for verifying the age of their customers. Nevertheless, the limited availability of guidelines for proper compliance measures has compounded the challenges confronted by merchants and online gambling enterprises.

Our Age Verification solutions aid companies in enhancing their identity verification procedures, thus mitigating the likelihood of fraudulent activities.


Know Your Customer

Understanding Your Clients Firms are obligated to follow KYC and AML rules to ensure the proper verification of identification and age. Failure to comply can lead to financial penalties and attract media attention. Azine Technologies authentication technologies can rapidly verify a person's age, confirming their eligibility for utilising services and products while expediting legal transactions. Evaluating the advantages and drawbacks of implementing ID verification from the outset is now of utmost importance.


Swift Global Age Verification

Verifying the identity of prospective customers helps the onboarding and checkout process smoothly. This step demonstrates your commitment to upholding the utmost standards of compliance and social responsibility, reassuring consumers, parents, and regulators alike. Identity verification solutions can promptly confirm a user's legitimacy. Azine's age verification system can be seamlessly integrated into your website, to bolster your business's security.


The Advantages and Outcomes of Online Age Verification

In order to ensure compliance with KYC and AML regulations, businesses are required to carry out proper identification and age verification processes. Failure to do so may lead to financial penalties and unfavourable publicity. We offer the capability to verify an individual's age promptly, thus ensuring that they meet the legal age requirements for accessing services and products and enabling smooth and lawful transactions. It has become increasingly vital to assess the cost-effectiveness of incorporating ID verification from the very start.

Azine Provides One Solution Platform for Multiple Problems

To facilitate the adherence of banks and various financial institutions to regulatory requirements, Azine provides an extensive array of identity verification solutions tailored to the banking and finance sector. Within Azine's solutions, you can find services encompassing identity verification, Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, fraud analytics, credit risk analysis, and due diligence.


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