Identity Verification Solutions

Safely confirm the identities of your clients and customers using our state-of-the-art digital identity verification solutions, custom-tailored to align with your business's unique requirements. Our identity verification platform is meticulously crafted to offer extensive scalability, catering to enterprises of varying sizes, encompassing both burgeoning startups and well-established corporations.


Identity Verification Global Coverage

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, identity verification services must keep up with the need. Customers expect fast, easy, and secure communication between themselves, businesses, and other personal entities. In addition, these solutions need to be capable of verifying identities globally for all users.

Azine Technologies Data Sets Them Apart

Azine Technologies distinguishes itself through its extensive data resources, providing verification services across more than 90 countries by relying on conventional data outlets. The identity bureau effectively acquires identity information from complex regions such as Brazil, India, China, and South Africa.

  • Credit Files
    Credit Files
  • Government Data
    Government Data
  • Electoral Roll
    Electoral Roll
  • Insurance Data
    Insurance Data
  • Mobile Data Records
    Mobile Data Records
  • Utilities Data
    Utilities Data
  • Social Network Files
    Social Network Files
  • Ecommerce Information
    Ecommerce Information
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Adhering to Regulatory Standards as Standard Practice

Azine Technologies upholds the highest standards of identification verification protocols when dealing with banking institutions and data sources. The online ID verification process is heavily influenced by regulatory compliance, dictating the rules and guidelines for accessing various datasets. To attain this, Azine Technologies meticulously adheres to and observes privacy regulations in every country in which it operates. This commitment guarantees the dependability and adherence to regulatory requirements in our identity verification services.

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Public Data Remains Secure

Our identity verification solutions were crafted by seasoned professionals specialising in data technology. There is no exchange of data back to the requester from the data origin. Consequently, Azine Technologies data sources remain uncompromised, safeguarding any personally identifiable information (PII) enclosed within documents.

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Seamless Customer Journey

Friction is a common challenge encountered by every online enterprise. During the initial account setup, users often need to catch up due to the inconvenience caused by such friction. Therefore, businesses must implement straightforward and secure onboarding processes that guide users effortlessly toward their ultimate objective, which is registering for their platform or service. Azine provides identity verification solutions that enable businesses to verify customer identities seamlessly, eliminating any impediments in the process.


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