Behaviour Monitoring Solutions

Detect, screen, and promptly address potentially harmful behaviour to safeguard your business from adverse consequences. Behaviour monitoring software empowers businesses to observe and assess user interactions across digital channels, delivering invaluable insights into user conduct while concurrently bolstering security measures and enhancing the overall customer experience.


Monitor and Regulate Questionable Conduct

Behavioural biometrics represents a biometric technology category focused on assessing distinctive identifying traits tied to human behaviour. Various entities, such as financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, governmental bodies, and more, could find value in verifying user identities by scrutinising their conduct and employing video or camera surveillance for tracking purposes. Behavioural monitoring software empowers organisations to oversee and assess user behaviours on digital platforms, offering valuable insights into user conduct and thereby bolstering security and improving the overall customer experience.

Several Types of Behaviour Biometrics

There are numerous behaviour biometrics, including:

  • Keystroke Dynamics
    Keystroke dynamics
  • Gait analysis
    Gait analysis
  • Voice recognition
    Voice recognition
  • Hand-eye coordination
    Hand-eye coordination
  • Pressure
  • Hand tremors
    Hand tremors
  • Navigation
  • Finger movements
    Finger movements
  • Mouse use pattern detection
    Mouse use pattern detection
  • Signature analysis
    Signature analysis
  • Cognitive biometrics
    Cognitive biometrics

Enhanced Account Protection

Our dedication lies in assisting customers in the attainment of their individual and corporate objectives through Behavior Monitoring Solutions. To accomplish this, we leverage diverse datasets furnished by financial establishments and various data origins. Our rigorous privacy compliance protocols ensure that we maintain the utmost levels of data governance and oversight.


Utilising Behavioral Indicators in Biometrics for Financial Institutions

Our behavioural monitoring software offers an excellent solution for banks to enhance their ability to detect and monitor fraudulent activities efficiently. It captures a wide range of data, including keystroke patterns and the way customers hold their devices, which is subsequently analysed to create a comprehensive behavioural profile for each user. This data repository significantly bolsters the due diligence efforts within the financial industry for mitigating fraud.


Tools to help businesses detect and prevent financial crimes

When integrated with complementary systems and customised to align with your company's unique identity, our biometric behaviour monitoring tool proves to be a superior security option compared to standalone solutions. Through the fusion of our exclusive behavioural analytics methods with cutting-edge technology, this multi-faceted approach empowers you to identify wrongdoers who have evaded alternative security measures.


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